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Travel Health

Get your travel vaccines at Cranbourne Road Medical Centre

Prior to travel it is a important to have a medical checkup for personalised advice on how to reduce your risk of illness and to manage any pre-existing health conditions.

This should be done as a specific appointment as the information and advice given is not always straightforward and requires your Doctor to understand your itinerary and possible risks.

Travellers overseas have up to a 50% chance of suffering a travel-related illness.  Each year, over 500,000 Australians put themselves at risk of illness with potentially serious infections.  At your visit-you will receive advice on how to prevent infectious diseases transmitted by humans or animals , insects etc.

Immunisations may be considered necessary for protection against diseases you may encounter, for routine health measures or as legal requirements for entry into some countries.  As some vaccinations require a course over weeks or months, please contact us to book a Pre-Travel Assessment appointment with your doctor as early as possible prior to departure.  Generally six to eight weeks is an adequate time frame.  Your doctor will need to know the countries to be visited, the length of stay in each country (season), type of accommodation (major hotel or camping) and type of travel (bus tour or backpack).

Doctors and Nurses at Cranbourne Road Medical Centre are all skilled at giving immunisations and providing you with expert care.


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